Emans is an Italian-Brazilian illustrator who currently lives and works in Rome, Italy. He has always been passionate about visual arts and studied graphics in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spent six years in South America, and after he graduated, he came back to Italy, where he focused on illustration.

Behind a genuine and straightforward style, a complex work hides, which mixes imaginary worlds and anthropomorphic characters, to tell the complexity of the human experience.

The result is a feeling of exploration of parallel universes, which fully represents Emans' attitude: a curious artist, always fleeing from routine and looking for new challenges and new ways of expressing creativity.

In recent years, Emans has created strong client relationships and enjoys collaborating with major international brands. 

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I'm represented worldwide* by INKLING Illustration.
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*For China based inquiries, please connect with my management team:        艺峰国际Ampersand Globe, Doris Leung, Top Plaza West Tower.          Guangzhou, China / T: +86 13826167183 /  Wechat: ampersand18 doris@ampersandglobe.com / www.ampersandglobe.com

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