Born and raised in the vibrant city of Rome, Italy, Emanuele, known as Emans, has been captivated by art since his early years, channeling his passion into graffiti from a young age.

During his numerous travels in adolescence, South America exerted an irresistible pull on him, especially considering his Brazilian roots on his father's side. This led him to study graphic design in Buenos Aires, where he immersed himself in the culture for a remarkable six years.

In 2021, Emans returned to his roots in Rome, dedicating himself professionally to illustration and muralism. Through his extravagant and vibrant characters, Emans paints unique portraits of modern society, capturing details and complexity in every stroke.

Describing himself as a curious soul, Emans finds inspiration in observing human beings and transforming these observations into imposing characters that communicate through gesture. He has built strong relationships with prestigious clients and collaborated with major international brands, standing out for his disruptive and unique art.

His visual narrative reflects his ongoing artistic exploration, expressing his commitment to storytelling and creating connections through his distinctive work. Emans is a constantly evolving creative force, blending his cultural roots with a global vision, transforming life experiences into works of art.

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